La Petite Francaise

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Ever since 1991 when the brand was created, ‘la petite francaise’ has been drawing its inspiration from the unmistakable image of the Parisian look, a sophisticated casual elegance. Sharp and refined designs are the guiding lines of creations thought and made for women of today; effortlessly beautiful women. From all over the world, ‘la petite francaise’ is known for its modern, chic and sharp designs.

French women love playing with fashion, they pick designs and make them their own, something that resemble themselves. They choose fabrics, textures and colors they love and desire, freely living, loving and creating their own fashion statement.

95% of ‘la petite francaise’s collection is designed and made in France, which is the genuine engagement the brand gives to its customers. This homemade engagement is not only a commitment on the quality of the designs; it also is a commitment to respond to the demand of the market and to stay in trend with fashion at anytime. Every season, ‘la petite francaise’ offers an original collection, which is updated with brand new designs fortnightly.

‘La petite francaise’ draws its inspiration from the very heart of those ideas, aware and attentive to those women’s needs and desires. It creates a collection that resembles them and gives them pieces that they will make their own and that will become theirs effortlessly.