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FELIZ is the label and passion of Dutch shoe and accessory designer Dorien de Herdt.

Exhibiting my graduation work in the ’90s, I was selected by a premiere young fashion shoe retailer in The Netherlands to join the buying team as an energetic and inspiring stylist.  There, I fell in love with leathers, shoes and bags. Till today I still enjoy the typical smells, sounds and crafts of traditinal shoe and bag factories. My most recent love is designing hats, in cooperation with a classic workshop in the backlands of Oporto.

Travelling all over the globe, to create collections for others, I gained skill and knowledge. I also met many fantastic makers, all craftsmen with passion for the product they make. Some of them are still the building stones of todays FELIZ.

Over the years my relatives and friends asked me if I would start my own brand. Losing my mom in 2007 made me realize that life only gives me one opportunity. It wasn’t until 2008 I decided to go for it! I started FELIZ with a business partner, nowadays I run it on my own. I am and I want to be a modest company and today still, I love making my designs at home with my girls giggling around me.

During my trips it just seemed logical to reduce the impact on the globe my travelling had. Therefore I work strictly in Europe with local craftsmen. Making shoes and bags is diligent and hard work. Four times per year I travel to the places were my products are made. I source beautiful leathers. I meet the suppliers and we discuss my designs. I learn from them and together we go for the best result. The style of FELIZ radiates effortless and simplicity.

FELIZ is not only my story, it is the story of a small dedicated team and the many makers involved in each beautiful product.

I hope you enjoy FELIZ just as much as I love creating it for you.

With love,