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When you are reading this, I feel safe to say that shopping is probably your favourite thing to do. Your love for fashion has become some sort of an obsession. The obsession makes you constantly think about what to buy next and therefore your wardrobe never seems to be complete. We would like to help you get one step closer to the perfect wardrobe. How? By telling you to visit Following Lucy! What makes Following Lucy so special? Just read the ten reasons below and you will be convinced.

  1. Because you are staring at the website right now. Don’t be mean and visit the shop as well!
  2. The shop is not located in the ‘Kalverstraat’ or the ‘Negen Straatjes’ so you can enjoy shopping without the streets being overcrowded.
  3. The sales girl in the shop is super sweet and very stylish. Next to her great personality, she also loves to help you find fantastic new items that make you look your best.
  4. The logo of the shop is the shape of an abstract fox. I mean, do I need to say more?
  5. The interior of the shop is extremely cosy, so you will feel at ease the minute you walk in.
  6. They sell the coolest French brands, like La Petite Etoile. Following Lucy gives you the opportunity to look like a real Parisienne.
  7. Actually every brand and every item they sell are hard to resist. You will definitely walk out of there with a full bag of fantastic and mostly feminine items that are from good quality.
  8. They also sell brands that are not that well known amongst everyone, so you can buy something and not be afraid to meet a twin at a party.
  9. They work together with B-Dressed which is the site to go to for a personalized fashionbox! How awesome is that?
  10. It is in the name: you should follow Lucy.

Following Lucy storeWe are looking forward to meet you!

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